What is bambi4.co.uk?

This is a website designed and operated by myself, Josh. On this website I keep my computer-related projects, all of which you can see and download from here.

Included on this site, in the 'SCRIPTLETS' section are small ahk scripts you can download compiled to .exe's so everyone can use them and the source code itself so you can configure them yourself if you know how.

There is also currently two full programs, found in the 'PROGRAMS' section, called MediaKeys, and Gest.

The majority of what you will find here is coded in autohotkey, the scripting language of the program AutoHotkey (www.autohotkey.com). You will need this if you are planning on editing any available source code.

Feedback / Bugs / Contact Me

If you wish to provide feedback, report bugs, request features, or contact the developer for anything else (within reason) feel free to email us at support@bambi4.co.uk